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Why Choose MAX10 Fitness?

Why choose MAX10? Because when you have FUN when you workout it won't feel like WORK! The MAX10 Fitness program, formerly known as the 10-Week Body Sculpt Challenge, has been helping women and men regain their health and fitness since 2005. Seattle is saturated with fitness studios and we know you have many options.

However, NONE match our experience, proven track record or the fun and variety of the ongoing MAX10 membership or our 10-Week Boot Camps. Kickboxing and boxing are practical, interesting and effective ways to burn a ton of calories and melt away fat. Our constantly varied and never boring MAX Strength classes blend TRX Suspension bands, bodyweight exercises, dumbbells, fitness bands build muscle and tone your body and super charge your metabolism.

When you add in Yoga, nutritional support, childcare and Open Gym privileges MAX10 is the obvious choice.

Get Started

MAX10 Fitness & Boot Camp at MKG will help you get lean and strong. Our creative, inspiring coaches will keep you on your toes and encourage you to become your best. We offer both short-term boot camps and on-going membership options. Click on Get Started to find out more!

Kickboxing and Martial Arts

The fat burning effects, confidence building and real world benefits of kickboxing are a key component of the MAX10 Fitness & Boot Camp.

In the fitness kickboxing classes you’ll not only get to hit heavy bags but you’ll also develop real skills both holding and hitting focus mitts, Thai pads, shields, ground bags and more. You won’t get hit but you’ll begin to develop real skills that will contribute not only to your understanding of kickboxing and boxing but self defense as well.

If you feel you are most interested in more focused martial arts and kickboxing instruction please visit the homepage for MKG Seattle. We’ll be happy to set you up with a no-risk intro in whatever program best fits your needs.

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