I Will What I Want

The Under Armour “I Will What I Want” campaign has been blowing up social media left and right. Their aim? To prove that women can do what they put their mind to. Something we all know, of course, yet women still face the “glass ceiling” day in and day out. Misty Copeland has a children’s book, Firebird, that follows this theme of reaching out for what you want with beautiful illustrations and simple words. My girls have been enthralled by it, and these videos. They say these women are TOUGH and STRONG, and I couldn’t agree more.



Fall MAX10 BootCamp

MAX10 Bootcamp September 8th – November 15th 2014

10 Week Boot Camp Challenge

September 8th РNovember 15th 2014 (30 classes total)


3 Classes Per Week

Free Gloves

Small Group Training

Private Facebook Group

Group camaraderie

Focus on Fitness, Weight-Loss, and Fun!

Weight and Measurement Tracking

Boot Camp Coach for nutrition and motivational support

Kickboxing, Strength Training, TRX, Circuit Interval Training


Times available:

Tu | Th | Fr – 630A

Tu | Th | Fr – 930A

M | W  | Fr 6P (veterans only or with instructor permission)

M | W 8P | Fr 6P


You can add on additional workout days or childcare here.

Fall 14 Bootcamp


Monday Motivation

stay postitive

Your body hears everything your mind says, stay positive!


Monday Motivation

set your mind

Monday Motivation

{set your mind; your body will follow}




your future 6.16

“Your future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow.”

So what are you going to do today? How will you define your life? Will you work out? Eat well? Take time for yourself to just breathe and be? Pick up a book? Call a friend?

You are in charge, you define your life. Act accordingly.